Sunday, September 6, 2009

Strewthh !


i had some effing mad 2s the other day and loved it ayy, i got a few shots outa it but this is the best one ayy. check it....

many regardss.....

Monday, August 31, 2009

yoh yoh, had the day off.
oh yer ahhaha ...
just put up some oldyss !!!
sequence- 1. - 2.
good luck and good day.

Starting .

Hey Hey Hey.

Im Scott Thomson Starting UP another blog full of fun and creative ideass hehehe.

im gona Flick some Picks up every Now & Then - andd add some other wierd stuff i chuck onn.

I Bodyboard of COURSEE. - Lay down and be couted stand up and be pounded is the opposite though sayy.... hahaa.

but yer i Booge,Scoot,Sk8, and moree.
And some pictures have been left above for yous to geez onn....

loving what i do and who i amm and beyondd >>>>
many regardsss.